Downes Crediton Golf Club

Course Status

30/11/23- COURSE UPDATE- 18 holes in play, 2 temps. Trolleys and single seater buggies permitted, no club buggies. Please keep trolleys and buggies in the rough-all bunkers GUR Updated: 30th Nov 2023

DCVLGA: Championships

Thursday 8th June 2023, Red Tees, Summer Course

(95% handicap allowance)

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1st Kim Paley(23)  Teign Valley Golf Club72
2nd Diane Parsons(32) 72
3rd Penny Deakin(17)  Okehampton73
4th Sue Jackson(26) 74
5th Sheelagh Dean-Long(21)  Torquay Golf Club74
6th Lin Atkinson(24)  Okehampton75
7th Wendy Roberts(24)  Wrangaton (South Devon)75
8th Susan Williams(20)  Okehampton75
9th Fran Shrubsole(19) 76
10th Pauline Marais(27)  Royal North Devon Golf Club76
11th Marcia Collett(11)  Okehampton76
12th Barbara Middleditch(27)  East Devon Golf Club76
13th Judith Ezard(28)  Okehampton76
14th Val Cook(23)  Royal North Devon Golf Club77
15th Kim Flook(21)  Wrangaton (South Devon)77
16th Gillian Munro(29)  East Devon Golf Club77
17th Rosamund Kikidas(11)  Yelverton77
18th Lyn Parry(19) 77
19th Liz Thompson(28)  Great Torrington Golf Club77
20th Ruth Bickle(25)  Wrangaton (South Devon)77
21st Jane Warren(27)  Okehampton78
22nd Ayumi Coulton(26)  Wrangaton (South Devon)78
23rd Kelly Foster(29)  Tiverton Golf Club78
24th Hilary Richards(17)  Stover79
25th Rosalind Williams(24)  Tiverton Golf Club79
26th Carole Brailey(20)  East Devon Golf Club79
27th Diane Clasby(38)  Wrangaton (South Devon)79
28th Sue Stanbury(17)  Okehampton79
29th Anne Norman(12)  Exeter Golf & Country Club79
30th Maggie Thomson(19)  Teign Valley Golf Club79
31st Ying Wong(19) 80
32nd Georgena Hope-Edwards(20)  Honiton Golf Club80
33rd ELY WALMSLEY(8)  Holsworthy81
34th Stephanie Anne Long(22)  Saunton Golf Club81
35th Sue Ansley(20)  Wrangaton (South Devon)81
36th Elizabeth Mapson(16)  Exeter Golf & Country Club81
37th Lesley Pascoe(8)  Stover81
38th Diana Johnson(25)  Okehampton81
39th Katie Purcell(30)  Wrangaton (South Devon)81
40th Jo Goldsworthy(13)  East Devon Golf Club81
41st Jane Summers(22)  Teign Valley Golf Club82
42nd Jacky Martin(22)  Torquay Golf Club82
43rd Elaine Bright(17)  East Devon Golf Club82
44th Elizabeth Hansford(25)  Stover82
45th Jane Vooght(21)  Stover82
46th Cherry James(20)  Okehampton83
47th Susan Kelson(23)  Honiton Golf Club83
48th Anne Serle(20)  East Devon Golf Club84
49th Penny Cornford(27)  Great Torrington Golf Club84
50th Angie Newman(29)  Wrangaton (South Devon)84
51st Pauline Down(21)  Libbaton Golf Club85
52nd Jacqueline Clink(13)  Saunton Golf Club85
53rd Rosemary Pratt(14)  East Devon Golf Club85
54th Caroline Jeffs(31)  Wrangaton (South Devon)85
55th Paula Heasman(33)  Axe Cliff85
56th Jane Cooke(32)  Wrangaton (South Devon)86
57th Rowan Edbrooke(14)  East Devon Golf Club86
58th Jane Ellen(25)  East Devon Golf Club86
59th Caroline Craig(20)  Torquay Golf Club86
60th Sarah Arnold(8)  Stover86
61st Jean Quinn(25)  East Devon Golf Club86
62nd Vanessa Mabelle(30)  Wrangaton (South Devon)86
63rd Vicky Mayling(35)  Wrangaton (South Devon)87
64th Janet PORTLOCK(29)  Honiton Golf Club87
65th Lea Finding(19)  East Devon Golf Club87
66th Carolyn John(28)  East Devon Golf Club88
67th Deirdre Mackness(26)  East Devon Golf Club88
68th Janet Webber(28)  Tiverton Golf Club88
69th GILL FOWLES(24)  Libbaton Golf Club88
70th Gill Laver(35)  East Devon Golf Club90
71st Caroline Bond(26)  Honiton Golf Club91
72nd Patricia Trevarthen(31)  East Devon Golf Club92
73rd Bee Baker(26)  Libbaton Golf Club93
74th Elizabeth ROGERS(26)  Honiton Golf Club94
75th Stella Thompson(23)  Axe Cliff94
76th Jo Donmall(30)  Honiton Golf ClubNR
77th Joyce Brown.(19)  TeignmouthNR
78th Pauline Willis(37)  Axe CliffNR
79th Sarah DAWE(29)  Honiton Golf ClubNR
80th Maureen Lawrence(26)  Honiton Golf ClubNR
81st Georgina Mason(20)  YelvertonNR

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