Welcome to the Mens Seniors Section

It is often said that life begins at 40. Well rest assured that there is more to come when you reach 60 and join the ranks of the Seniors at Downes Crediton Golf Club. By no means an elite group you will be welcomed with open arms into a group of golfers who make up over 40% of the membership.

The Seniors’ day is Monday when competitions are played, with the first tee reserved from around 8.30am up until 12.30pm. There are several trophy competitions, both individual and team, played throughout the year. Medal competitions take place from April to October. On those Mondays when there is no specific competition scheduled, an individual roll-up qualifying stableford takes place. Seniors may of course enter all other club competitions should they wish to do so.

In regard to the club, a Seniors' team plays friendly matches, both home and away, against some 12 other clubs. Everyone is eligible to play in the team and selection can be achieved by entering your name onto the relevant list on the Seniors' Notice Board, with games for the team being shared around as much as possible by the Captain.

Although the golf is excellent, the social side for the Seniors is even better. There is a roll-up every Wednesday and Friday which is organised by the section members with names drawn from the bag at 10:00. The Seniors enjoy almost unrestricted access to the course for their roll-ups on these two days but clearly give way to society bookings or golfers paying green fees.

A pre-season dinner is included in the calendar to welcome both the new golfing year and also new members, with a more formal dinner at the end of the season when competition prizes are presented. Sound good? It certainly is.

Roll on the 60th birthday!