Downes Crediton Golf Club

Course Status

30/11/23- COURSE UPDATE- 18 holes in play, 2 temps. Trolleys and single seater buggies permitted, no club buggies. Please keep trolleys and buggies in the rough-all bunkers GUR Updated: 30th Nov 2023

Golfing Hints & Tips

Get hints and tips from the Professionals to help your golf. Click on the numbered table items to watch the video.

Don't forget you can book lessons with Joe (our Head Pro), or Ollie (our assistant Pro), irrespective of whether you are a member of the club or a visitor.

There are special offers on lessons right now - please enquire in the pro shop!

1. Pushes & Hooks 2. Slices & Pulls 3. Reading Greens
4. Grip Tips 5. Decode your divots 6. Shape your shots
7. Wedges Advice 8. Putting Drills & Tips 9. Wet Lies Tips

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