Well ladies, we are coming to the end of the ‘season’ for golf.  With the leaves turning to gold in the sunlight (when we get it!) and time to lose our balls in the fallen leaves.  Soon I expect the crows will be heading off into the distance with our balls – where they take them to is a mystery, but they must have a pretty reasonable stash by now!!

Ladies Fun Day 14 September 2018

Although I was not able to come along to this, Sue Barr, Vice-Captain, ran the day and sent out some challenges to the ladies.  I understand everyone had fun, throwing and kicking the ball and using a piece of string to their advantage.  Sue Bond, Ying and Jo came in with a very creditable 74, just beating Di P, Ros and Lyn on the back nine.  Well done to you all, and many thanks to Sue for doing all the hard work of organising the event.

Tomkins Trophy & Mixed Greensomes 17 September 2017

Sunday 17 September saw the Tomkins Trophy and Mixed Greensomes take place.  Again, I was not able to attend but understand the day went very well and the weather stayed fine for the event.  Judith and Paul Ezard won the trophy with 39 points, and by the looks of the results sheet, it was a very tight match.  Well done Judith and Paul – yet another trophy for the cabinet!!

The Lin Ashman Trophy 26 September 2017

After a shy start by the seniors they managed to field a pretty strong team.  Unfortunately the numbers of ladies fell short of those of the men, but we managed a team of 12 to take them on.  The ladies made a heroic effort but, yet again, the men were far too strong for us and the final score was ladies 2½ and men 3½.  Closer than in previous years, but just not close enough.  The match was followed by a meal and there was a great deal of banter amongst the assembled players before heading off home.

The Autumn Meeting 28 September 2017

The Autumn meeting was well attended with 20 ladies taking part.  Viv Bailey won the event overall and topped Division 2 with a round of 77 – very well done Viv.  Sue J won the Division One prize with a score of 79, winning out over Viv Jordan and Betty, both with a score of 79.  Well done everyone.  The following trophies were presented as part of the Autumn meeting: 

The Grandma’s Cup – Ying Wong

The Warren Shield – Ying Wong

The Jill Aldworth Trophy – Fran Shrubsole

Macmillan Spoon – Fran Shrubsole

The Venerable Vets Trophy - June Mitchell

The Best 36 Handicapper Bonbon Dish – Viv Jordan

The Cynthia King Robertson Spoons – Judith Ezzard

The Scratch Salver – Judith Ezzard

The Autumn Salver – Viv Bailey

Ladies Away Break 2 & 3 October 2017

Twenty ladies went down to Carlyon Bay on Monday 2 October for the away break.  During the drive down, I was a bit concerned about the weather.  Even though I had been having a word with the powers that be, the rain started at (S)Okehampton, as ever, and the wind seemed to gain strength, but thankfully, being on my knees paid off, and once we had passed (S)Okehampton, the rain disappeared.  We all arrived at Carlyon Bay Golf Club in plenty of time to have a wind down before going out on the course.  The wind was still an issue, but not as bad as last year thankfully.  Having played we retired to the spa facilities and enjoyed a swim and a spell in the Jacuzzi, enjoying the warmth of the water.  Then off to change and get down to the lounge in preparation for the evening meal. 

As ever, the meal was served and presented in a way we have all come to expect of Carlyon Bay, brilliantly.  Once the staff realised that two of our ladies, Di (Bott) and Doreen had celebrated their birthdays on 1 October, they brought in birthday cards and chocolates for them – a very nice touch.  I think we almost managed to clear the dining room before we started the presentations.  We had played a four person team event with two scores to count, and I have to say, it was not easy out there as the wind did become an issue.  But the final scores were Shirley, Sue Barr, Fran and Margaret coming in 1st with a score of 74; Liz, Rickie, Annet and Ros 2nd with 69 and Ruth, Betty, Lyn and Penny 3rd place with 62.  The winners were presented with a trophy (of sorts!) to hoots of laughter!  We rounded off the evening with a quick quiz (thanks Sue (J)) which tested our very tired brains.  I’m not sure if it was knowledge or luck which gave Penny and Doreen the win, but well done ladies!!


The second day dawned with the sun sparkling over the sea.  We had a hearty breakfast before going out for our second round.  This was a four ball Texas Scramble Set Aside with 3 tee shots to be taken by each player.  The views from the course were beautiful as we battled our way round.  We each paid £1 for the privilege.  The winners were Liz, Annet, Di P and Sue J, winning £10 between them, Rickie, Ros, Di B and Doreen 2nd winning £6, with Lyn, Sue Bond, Penny and Ying coning in 3rd, winning £4. We finished up with soup and sandwiches, said our goodbyes and headed home.  It was a brilliant couple of days spent with good fun friends – thank you.

Shirley Stunell

Ladies Captain