Presentation Night ​Friday 12th January 2018

                                                  AGM January 22nd  - Agenda

1st round Emerton Court - Downes DGC play Bigbury and the winners play Exeter  - See above for Full Draw details.

Wednesday 10th January - Rollup - Bill Dick Reports:

A day that started out frosty and misty turned into a lovely winter's day. However when the early birds (4 of them) set out there was a trolley ban and a lot of temp greens.

By the time of the second draw the trolley ban was lifted and there were only two temps in play but alas by that time it was half handicaps. The first group who had the worst of the conditions returned the lowest score but they were not there to collect the balls. That doubtful honour went to the pre tournament favourites of Colin Parr and two guys called John with 57 points who pipped Keith Ham's 4 man team by virtue of a poorer back 9. Rumour has it that Keith accused one of his team mates of being negative. "Shurely not Mish Moneypenny"

Third place went to the four man team of Alan Matthews, Peter Bryan, Dennis Wright and Paul Fricker with 64 points.

Second with 68 points but losing out on count back were Herbie Smith, Roger Field and Bill Dick.

The winners also with 68 points were Lucky Hooper, Lucky Berry and very Lucky Condor. You can tell I am not bitter.

Monday 8th January - 4BBB - Ian Pring Reports:

At last the rain subsided to provide a reasonable dry course but at 3 degrees it was colder than cold and then after a while it got even colder. However there was very little wind to speak of but I will and it was cutting. Trolleys allowed and all main greens with some very tricky pin placements provided a great days golf and a good challenge. So 61 entrants due to 1 dropping out therefore 7 prizes.

My partner Peter Caston played so well that we managed to beat John Warren and Graham Martin Browne who were ahead after the first 9. Graham was out driving everybody however they lost out on the back nine with 41 points.

So 7th went to Mike Charnock and Frank Morrell 41 points BB9, 3 prs came in with 42 points Alan Draper/Brian Kelly, Eric Fee/Joe Hull and Colin Cole/Mike Palmer, 3rd  Frank Sanders and Graham Jones. Peters efforts put us in 2nd place with 44 points but well beaten by Jim Kenshole and Dave Vowden with 46 points. Don't forget Presentation night this Friday and Captains Drive in & Lunch Sat 27th.

P.S. Preliminary 1st round Emerton Court - we play Bigbury and the winners play Exeter.

Friday 5th January - Rollup - Graham Thompson Reports:

The weather forecast was not great and a cold wind countered the warmth from the sun. Nonetheless, 22 members found themselves drawn to return to the golf club despite only the font nine being open. Cold turkey of both kinds enhanced the craving and for some staying away was never an option. For many, including your reporter, the quality of the golf confirmed the lack of recent practice although Nick Bromell, Cedric Chapple and Roger Field’s 46 point score showed what could be achieved. They won the first of the three prizes on offer, 3 points ahead of George Crabbe, Cyril Dawes and Herbie Smith. A full 5 points separated this second placed team from the third placed team in which John Cann deservedly earned a return of his £1.00. His partners, Bill Dick and Graham Thompson, gave him support from time to time and even kept him off the card on the short 7th. Hogmanay and medical problems were offered as excuses but the additional ignominy of being struck on the ankle by a partner’s ball on the first clearly didn’t help. The four intrepid souls – John Bundfuss, Dave Connabeare, Paul Dorothy and Richard Wilson - who entered the day’s first draw found conditions even more difficult and were awarded the balls for their 32 point total. Two of them stayed long enough to collect the award. Maybe they were still recovering from the bitter wind that troubled the earlier teams more than the later ones. Roll on Spring!