Wednesday Wizards results now on-line

Wednesday Wizards - 18th April - Jim Enright reports: A field of 30 entrants enjoyed lovely sunshine on a rapidly drying course. The greenkeepers have worked well to prepare the course following one of the wettest winters in recent history.

There was some discussion as to whether this competition should be organised by the committee or by the winner, or a volunteer on the winner’s behalf. Please let the committee know your views and the matter will be discussed further. Do note that there is a lot of work involved with some players wanting early notification of their tee time and others wanting to enter a day or so before the event.

Also discussion on the meal. We started the carvery at 3.20pm when all but 2 teams were in, showered and ready to eat. Had we waited for everyone it would have commenced at 4.15pm, making the majority wait for an extra hour. The most frequent reason given by non-players was the delay before the meal, hence the decision to have a carvery which spread the start time to accommodate all.  Once again please let the committee know your preference.

Onto the Results:

18 hole & trophy winner was Steve Gidley with 39 points. 2nd Paul Dorothy with 34 and 3rd with 33 was David Lee.

Team winners were Steve Gidley, Robin Tooze and Richard Wilson with 74 points. Runners up with 73 points were Wally Phillips, Paul Dorothy and Danny Enright.

Only 2 entrants for the 9 hole competition with Walter Lonsdale winning with 14 points. The main reason given for the low entry was that the trophy ( but not the prize money) was open to players in the 18 hole competition who were over 80 years of age (front 9 score) too!! Your thoughts to the committee please.

The Over 80 winner of the Wise Owl Trophy was John Hooper with 19 points.

Nearest the Pin winners were Andrew Chandler for the 7th, Graham Cox for the 9th and John Essery for the 15th.

Finally thanks to Devon and Oli for all of their help with the administration and to Dave Wills for the carvery.

Roll Up - 13th April - Cedric Chapple Reports: A good start to the day with improving conditions, the ground staff able to get out and cut the fairways. Eighteen greens with one temporary the main greens still being bobbly the tining taking time to settle. Twelve on the early draw, twenty on the second an upward trend hopefully to continue. The weather held up well staying dry and reasonably warm but just one, Robin Tooze seen sporting short sleeves. Mixed results 78 high to a low of 65 with reports of many missed putts. often a bobble too far to the right or left. In fourth place Tom Pettifer, Dave Jordan and Paul Fricker with 75 points. Third, Jim Downing, John Warren and Bill Dick with 77 points. Second, Dave Vowden, Keith Ham, Mike Conder and Brian Williams with 77 points, BB9. The winners, Paul Willcocks, Ed Copp and Tom Berry with 78 points. Lowest scorers remaining in the club, Peter Bryan, Colin Parr and Nick Bromell, 69 points.

Reminder… Wednesday Wizards 18th, sign on, on line or through the Pro shop. Eighteen holes followed by a carvery, no jackets required, 10 am start.

Tuesday 24th April,  Bigbury away, players required, sheet on the notice board, cheap day on a nice course, good company, good food and the normal superb golf, give it a go.

John Baird Trophy - 9th April - Cedric Chapple Reports: A better day, with 17 main greens in operation just the 13th still too wet for play. Quite soggy underfoot particularly around the flooded 18th but trolleys allowed hence a reasonable field of 72 players. Weather forecast looking better but what a poor spring, everything crossed for major improvement. Full results on the website but the main players listed below, seven two’s recorded on the day. Division One, 3rd Jim Kenshole 36 points, 2nd Keith Blake 37 points, 1st Wally Phillips 39 points. Division Two, 3rd, Danny Enright 37 points, 2nd Dave Cousins 37 points, 1st George Crabbe 39 points. Winner of the Trophy…. George Buster Crabbe with his better back nine, well done George.

Wednesday Wizards, signup on line, failing that ring Barry or Olli.

Boringdon Park-Seniors Friendly Friday April 6th-Andrew Gilg Reports: Maybe it was appropriate that our first Senior Friendly for 2018 (after two postponements-Exeter and Honiton) should be a new club on our rota. Boringdon Park is a 21st century 27-hole course built by a local entrepreneur with a large clubhouse offering a variety of catering functions. Thankfully all my team found their way to the new location in good time. The day as forecast by our oh so unhappily correct Met Office was windy with just a hint of rain. The course is very different from Crediton, long, with wide fairways and virtually no rough or trees, but two ponds which your correspondent managed to find three times.

The result was a 4-2 win (full details on the calendar web page) by Boringdon but as ever this was less important than the banter on the course and camaraderie in the clubhouse over a drink and a traditional golf club meal. Nonetheless congratulations to our two winning pairs-Andrew Chandler and Denis Wright and Dave Jordan playing with a newcomer to our Friendlies John Dean. We look forward to welcoming our new friends back to Crediton on Thursday 27th September.

Roll Up - 6th April - Cedric Chapple Reports: What a change in a couple of days, the temperature was up and the course was much, much drier than it had been for ages. The Greenkeepers had be out with the cutters and it really appeared that Spring had arrived. In retrospect writing this on Saturday morning after the overnight rain and course closure the one swallow quotation surely rings true. So to Friday, nine early starters and just twelve later, let’s hope that the away game to Borringdon was the main reason for the poor attendance. Certainly with seventeen main greens we could have hoped for more, those who didn’t play missed a great opportunity. Winners from the early group with 80 points, Steve Gidley, Bob Rippon and Andy Gibson. Second with 78 points, Dave Vowden, John Warren and Dave Fleming. Third with 76 points, Dave Conabeare, Robin Tooze and John Wigginton. In a fight for the balls and with 57 points, Peter Bryan, Keith Ham and Nick Bromell.

Anybody reading this please look to sign on for the Wednesday Wizards and the Seniors Open and for the latter guests if you know of any.

Chris Horgan Trophy - 26th March - Jim Enright Reports:  The 3 clubs and a putter competition was made all the more difficult by being played on 18 temporary greens due to a conflict with the planned hollow tining. Lesson learned. The outcome was half handicap for the 63 players who took part but with two divisions the prizes were equally shared. Winner of Division 1 and the trophy was Jim Dunlop who scored a very credible 39 points playing off 6. He was followed by Jim Kenshole (playing off 3) in 2nd, also scoring 39. 3rd with 37 was Peter Carr, 4th on 35 Nick Bromell, 5th with 35 Richard Tomkins, 6th on 35 Graham Browne and 7th with 34 was Hugh Fernyhough. Division 2 was won with 36 points by Alan Matthews whose lessons must be paying off. 2nd and fresh from his holiday in India with 34 was Brian Johnson. 3rd on 33 David Cousins, 4th with 33 Andrew Chandler (his second prize of the day as his number 1 was drawn out in the 100 Club draw earlier in the day…hopefully he bought a lottery ticket too…), 5th on 33 Bill Dick, 6th with 32 Roger Gratton, 7th on 32 Ron Clark and 8th with 32 was John Warren. Fortunately the weather was kind with quite a bit of afternoon sun.

ADVANCE NOTICE – The Wednesday Wizards takes place on Wednesday 18th April with a 2 tee start. Both 9 hole and 18 hole competitions, entry on the computer, meal after. See the Notice on the Seniors Noticeboard for more detail. 

Roll Up - 23rd March - Cedric Chapple Reports: Good turnout, nine in the early draw, twenty one in the second. Three draws held as we were looking to get well ahead of a small society booked in for an eleven o’clock start. Course looking pretty good with the green keepers able to start cutting the fairways in their intricate patterns. Of note one Andrew Chandler spotted on the course during the week doing his bit keeping the rough to a reasonable level which is and will be appreciated by all. The greens playing well with further improvement expected following the planned hollow tyning. The roll up numbers now increasing and hopefully continuing in that way providing the snow does not return, likely though as the weather forecast seem to get more and more accurate. I should report that my playing partner Richard Nicholls making a rare 18 hole appearance, tried to run me over with my own trolly on the 18th tee, you will all know what those dodgy motocaddy switches are like, or was it a deliberate act? So to the competition. In fourth place with 76 points, early birds, Robin Tooze, Mike Hammond and Joe Lawrence. In third with 77 points, Dennis Wright, Colin Parr and the returning Mike Conder. In second with 80 points the John Essery select with Nick Bromell and Dave Vowden. The winners with a cool 82 points, Paul Fricker, Dave Flemming and Richard Tomkins. In the absence of the lowest scorers the balls were claimed by Walter Lonsdale, John Chayter and Herbie Smith, himself chuntering on about coals to Newcastle? At the time of writing British summertime, great stuff, roll on the good weather, enjoy your game.

Roll Up - 21st March - Bill Dick Reports:  A reasonable day at last. No snow fell but some is still lying and no rain. 18 holes in play with 3 temp greens and trolleys were allowed. 8 players in the first draw and 17 in the second which meant 3 prizes. The lowest score of the day of 76 was scored by Cedric Chapple, Paul Fricker and Tom Berry. They "won" the balls. Cedric hit the green from the 18th tee. Sadly the green he hit was the 17th. In 3rd place with 82 points were the 4 ball of Andrew Chandler, David Jordan, Herbie Smith and Nick Bromell. Second place went to Bill Dick, Keith Ham and Wally Phillips with 83 points. However the clear winners with 88 points were Cyril Dawes, John Cann and Tom Pettifer. Cyril was apparently a bit critical of his partners on some holes. Perhaps he should have pointed out that out of a total of 88 he scored 17 points. Without his contribution his team would have won the balls. Unless of course they had a different third man in which case they would have won by a bigger margin.

Greenkeepers Revenge - 12th March - Jim Enright Reports: The combination of a trolley ban and  a wet weather forecast resulted in a much depleted number of Seniors taking part in the annual Greenkeepers Revenge on Monday. As a result the competition was changed from a team event to an Individual Stableford. The usual format of placing the flags on slopes or corners was abandoned in favour of a system more akin to "crazy golf" with holes protected by barriers on 3 sides leaving only one entry point. Unfortunately this new system received much criticism from amongst the Seniors who took part as it seemed to replace skill with luck!! It was explained by Rob that a lack of time due to inclement conditions was the cause of this late change of format. Apart from Roger Field (hereby referred to as "Lucky Roger") who managed a 37 on the day no other Senior broke the 30 barrier.

Div 1 : 1st 37 Roger Field    2nd 29 Wally Phillips    3rd 27 Nick Bromell
Div 2 : 1st 28 Bill Dick    2nd 28 Walter Lonsdale     3rd 28 Andrew Chandler
Close on 40 attended the after match dinner which included our three Greenkeepers Rob, Sean and Tony.
The function was made all the better by half of the draw taking place prior to the meal leaving only the other half to be drawn at the end.
Lessons learned from the day will be brought to fruition next year!!

Roll Up - 9th March - Cedric Chapple Reports: A warmer day than of late but rain forecast keeping the entries down. Eleven in the first draw and ten in the second, yippee a higher number for the early arrivals. Only three temporary greens so full handicaps for the three balls and threequarters for the four balls. Weather not too bad for the start of the early birds but the rain getting heavier around the ten thirty tee times. The rain continued through most of the day with occasional breaks, however not  heavy enough to make things really uncomfortable. Of note the tenth on temporary and the main green still partially covered in snow. Third place with 78 points, Dave Conabeare, Peter Caston and Tom Berry. Runners up with 80 points, Chris Vercoe, Dennis Wright and George Crabbe. Winners, the early four ball of, Nick Murch, Joe Lawrence, Jim Enright and Peter Dewhurst with 85 points the win probably secured by a more than steady 46 on the front nine. The winners of the coveted balls, Laurie Taylor, Dave Vowden, Herbie Smith and David Fleming.

Spotted in the Clubhouse one Ian Pring gently sipping a half pint, great to see him and great to know he’s on the mend.

Fingers crossed for Monday, people are just waiting to get out there.

Roll Up - 7th March - Bill Dick Reports:                                                                                                                                                                           On a day with a hint of spring apart from the odd hail shower 28 of us polled on. 18 holes in play but all greens temps. Fairways are very good considering the recent rain and snow and there are clear signs of the tiding up and improvements carried out by green staff and some volunteers. We nearly only had 27 players because when he found out he was in a four ball Cyril was not sure that he and or his battery would make the trip. However he gave it a try and managed O.K. (check the winners enclosure)

4 prizes with fourth going to Dave Conabear, Bob Rippon and Jim Enright with 78 points. Envelope behind the bar boys. One shot better on79 points in third place came John Essery, Graham Cox. They scored 38 points on the front 9 and Graham got 20 of them. The back 9 spread was more evenly shared out. The trio of Paul Fricker, Herbie Smith and Nick Bromell scored 82 points and assumed that that would probably win. However Mr Jordan pointed out that the fourball would only be losing 1/8th compared to the rest when it would normally be 1/4 handicap difference. He felt that in these circumstances the four ball had a clear advantage. He was not surprised when John Cann, John Hooper, Jim Downing and Cyril came in with 84 points to win.

You will all be surprised to learn that Cyril did not agree with Mr Jordan's analysis.

Roll Up - 28th February - Bill Dick Reports:                                                                                                                                                                Wednesday 28/2/18, the last day of winter. Thursday would be the first day of spring. Spring ? you're avin a bubble.*                                          Monday was bad but Wednesday was a lot colder. Even our super sweaty ** only played 9 holes.

8 misguided fools set off to play 18 holes but a walk up the 9th convinced them that 9 was enough.

The N H S consisted of 10 playing 4 ball better ball. 3 of the teams scored 20 and could hardly be separated so they shared the spoils. This was hard on Walter who scored 17 of his teams 19 points. Still after all his wins from the hundred club he can't complain if every draw does not suit him. On Monday I played with Wally. In his younger days he was a big heavy metal fan. Maybe that is why his hearing is so poor. Anyway can you guess which band he liked the best? Answer is below***

* Bubble = bubble bath= laugh.

** Sweaty = Sweaty sock= Jock ( A native of Caledonia)

*** Wally's band is Deaf Leopard. What?  Deaf Leopard 

Enjoy the snow.

Roll Up - 26th February - Bill Dick Reports:                                                                                                                                                                     Due to overnight frost the greens were all temps. Bunkers all "G.U.R." and a total trolley ban. In view of this and a biting cold wind nobody wanted to play a singles competition. However 18 idiots ( I was one of them) decided to play 18 holes in a three man team competition with two scores to count, off  half handicap. For three of them sanity returned by the 9th hole when they retired to the bar. That left 5 teams fighting for 3 prizes. In joint 2nd place came two teams with 79 points. With a better back six of 30 points 2nd place went to Chris Vercoe, Graham Cox and Nick Bromell. Relegated to 3rd with 28 points on the last 6 were Colin Parr, John Warren and Dave Jordan. The winners with 81 points were Laurie Taylor, Wally Phillips and Bill Dick. Scoring 7 points on the 17th hole proved to be crucial. As it was a Monday there were no balls. Had there been they would have gone to George Crabbe , John Essery and Paul Fricker who scored 70 points.

Roll Up - 23rd February - Cedric Chapple Reports:                                                                                                                                                    Quite a heavy morning frost reducing the early bird numbers to just three, Paul Dorothy failing to make the starting lineup waiting for the RAC to replace a flat battery. So the three did their own thing probably playing just the front nine. Second group eventually reaching eighteen with a late influx probably anticipating the lifting of the trolley ban, that duly occurred at ten o’clock. So the eighteen took to the course subject to a late hiccup caused by yours truly somehow mixing up the ballot numbers. Fortunately the late arriving Paul Dorothy agreed to join the third group so problem solved. All temporary greens but the course looking better by the day and playing well being fairly dry underfoot.  A cold wind on the more exposed parts of the course but no delays so all back in the clubhouse in good time. In first place were the team of Laurie Taylor, Wally Phillips and Herbie Smith with 84 points, second went to Bill Dick, Dave Jordan and Mike Conder with 81 points and in third place were Paul Fricker, Cyril Dawes and Roger Field with 80 points. The winners of the balls and able to collect in the clubhouse were Chris Vercoe, Paul Willcocks and George Crabbe.

GREENKEEPERS’ REVENGE., Entry form on the notice board. Bill Dick selling raffle tickets and appreciative of prizes, support your Greenkeepers please.

Roll Up - 21st February - Bill Dick Reports:                                                                                                                                                                        A Fine springlike day with all main greens and bunkers in play. The work currently being done on improving the overall appearance and tidiness of the course by David Taylor, Nick Murch and others is baring fruit.

With 31 players in total we had 4 prizes. I played with Herbie and Dennis (The Big Three) and we scored 74 points which was only good for 6th i.e. no where man. However I did benefit from a nature walk and I was able to see Herbies approach to putting. "I have started so I will finish"

Two teams had 75 points but coming 4th by virtue of a back 9 of 39 points were Cedric Chapple, Colin Parr and John Cann.

Two teams tied with 77 points. Third with a back 9 of 39 points were Peter Dewhurst, Robin Tooze and Wally Phillips.

With a back 9 of 41 points giving them 2nd place were the 4 ball of Nick Bromell, Mike Conder, Laurie Taylor and Tom Berry. I must admit that when the draw was made I had them clear favourites. However they ,like the rest of us were well beaten by Paul Fricker, Cyril Dawes and David Fleming who scored a very impressive 85 points. Good for David as he has only recently started playing with the 18 holes having been playing with the N.H.S. They did not miss him because there were 18 of them out playing as well.

As I was leaving the clubhouse there was a four ball making its way down the first. I could be mistaken but it sounded to me as if they were all singing. I thought they were singing to the "Yellow Submarine" tune "We all live in a Roger Phillips house" Surely I was wrong.