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                   Upcoming Friendlies:   Teams are posted on the Diary page when selected.                                                            Monday 18th June 11am Yelverton Away,          Friday 22nd June 12pm Ilfracombe Away (postponed),       Tuesday 26th June 12pm Holsworthy Away,                 Thursday 28th 11.15am Torquay Away,                      Wednesday 4th July 12pm Ilfracombe Home,     Monday 9th July 10.30am (2 tee start) Devon V The Rest,   Thursday 12th July 11.30am Honiton Away,        Wednesday 19th July 12pm Teignmouth Home,                       Thursday 26th July 2pm Exeter Home

Monday 18th June - Seniors match vs Yelverton away, Alan Draper Seniors Captain reporting:

On a damp, dreary day on Dartmoor when the mist came in so that the drives from the tee could not be seen and the wonderful scenery was completely shrouded in mist, Downes Crediton recorded an outstanding win, 4 ½ to 1 ½. The victory was lead by Tom Berry and Bill Dick with an outstanding 6 & 5 victory, obviously trying to impress the Emerton Court Captain of their good form with a message that they should be in the next team!

The only downside was the loss by John Bundfuss and Eric Mundy.

Downes Crediton were afforded a very warm welcome from the Yelverton members and we look forward to welcoming them back to DCGC in August.

Friday 15th June - Senior Captains Away Day, Report by Alan Draper, Seniors Captain

Thirty Senior golfers supported the Captain on his Away Day at Enmore Park on Friday 15th June.  The weather started off quite sunny and warm, drizzled a bit during the middle of the day and then the sunshine returned in the afternoon.

The course was superbly turned out, quite hilly, and although the greens looked quite fast they did not play that way.  Three of the Par 3’s were single figure stroke indexes including nearest the pin on the 15th, which was stroke index 9, 157 yards over a small pond.  This compares to a similar Par 3 at Downes Crediton, which is stroke index 16.

The day was won by Andy Gibson playing off a 29 handicap and scoring an outstanding 41 points, including a back nine of 25 points, to win the Colin Smith Trophy for Division Two and three bottles of wine.  He also won a sleeve of balls for being nearest the pin on the 15th.  Second in this Division was Andrew Gilg (22), with 38 points, winning two bottles of wine and third was Peter Dewhurst (28) with 34 points, winning a bottle of wine.

The Gerry Mannell Trophy for Division One was won by Alan Draper (11) with a score of 40 points. Winning three bottles of wine was second place Wally Phillips (17) with a score of 32 points, winning two bottles of wine was Laurie Taylor (14) with a score of 31 points and winning one bottle of wine was Paul Fricker (15) with a score of 29 points.

The golf was followed by an excellent carvery meal plus sweet and coffee.

The day was rounded of by John Bundfuss (17) winning a bottle of wine to drown his sorrows after a score of 17 points!

 Captains away day, Cedric Chapple admitting a Senior moment. 

Left my expensive toilet bag at Enmore Park, fortunately on ringing today, Sunday, it’s been found. I’m collecting on Tuesday but of note there is a Downes top which was also left behind, I’ll bring that back so if you hear anybody bemoaning their luck l have the answer.

Rollup Wednesday 13 June 2018, Cedric Chapple reporting

Buffalo Bill either at the Little Big Horn or in the Pot wollapers, wot pollapers or whatever being played against RND, I think. 

Low turnout again but perhaps just too much going on with the Emerton Court practice on Tuesday and the aforementioned Pot whatsit happening in the afternoon and Captains away day on Friday. 

Six early birds and twelve in the second draw with a good turnout for the NHS. Course better by the day, Rob assuring me that they are now on top of it, greens also faster. 

The results…

In third place BB9, Chris Vercoe, Dennis Wright and Keith Ham with 75 points.

In Second place, Paul Willcocks, Dave Jordan and Mike Conder  with 79 points

Winners, Peter Caston, John Bundfuss and Joe Lawrence with 81 points.

Last but not least, Dave Fleming, myself and visitor Terry Woods with 64 ( sixty four ). Mr Wood wary of the back nine cracked 12 and 16 with a pair of sixes. 

For information, Dennis the menace doesn’t like Fingle Glen, I don’t know why but he did tell me several times, I don’t think he’ll go back.


Monday 11th June - Jack Painting Memorial (Eclectic) – Jim Enright Reports:

The sun shone throughout but once again a relatively small field with 21 Players in Division 1 and 32 in Division 2. Full handicap, yellow tees and the start of a new week all being in favour.

For some, the longer run is an advantage, but for others with their ball heading towards a bunker, running under bushes or speeding through the green, it can be a mixed blessing.

With only 6 players equalling or beating handicap perhaps we are still suffering from the delayed start to the year.

Division One Results: 1st and Trophy Winner, Dennis Conibear, with 40 points. 2nd Stephen Gidley 37, 3rd Joseph Hull 35, 4th John Essery 34, 5th John Cann 34.

Division Two Results: 1st Bill Dick 40, 2nd Eric Mundy 39,  3rd John Warren 37, 4th Cedric Chapple 36, 5th Andrew Gilg 35,                          6th Tom Pettifer 35, 7th Nigel Evans 34.

There were five 2`s Peter Caston, Mike Conder, Stephen Gidley, Robin Tooze and Dennis Wright.

Roll up, Friday 8th June 2018, Cedric Chapple reporting.

Another low turn out but again probably due to much action in the week, however one or two Salisbury tourist arrived, obviously missed the club and it’s lovely members.

Weather a little overcast with temperatures varying throughout the round. Course playing well the Greenkeepers keeping the grass levels down aided by the club captain on the day.

Seven early birds so the dreaded four ball. Twelve in the second group rounded up nicely by Bill Dick who volunteered his body for the cause, he really only wanted to play nine.

The results with one DQ.

Third place, Bob Rippon, John Bundfuss and Nigel Evans with 75 points.

Second place, Paul Willcocks, Ed Copp and Keith Ham with 76 points.

First place, Bill Dick, Chris Vercoe and Tom Berry with a phenomenal 89 points, was Bill pleased he played the eighteen?

Winners of the balls, Rick Eidam, Roger Field and yours truly with 69, must have played a different course.

Of note well done to Paul Dorothy on Wednesday winning the Les Pope cup with 40 points a two shot cut and keeping the young bucks in their place.

Wednesday, 6th June 2018 - Emerton Court 3rd  Round v Fingle Glen (1st leg at Downes Crediton), 

Alan Draper, Emerton Court Captain reporting

After much deliberation by Fingle Glen over the date of this fixture, it was finally played on the 6th June. On a fine afternoon, some very good golf was played, especially by DCGC players. This resulted in Fingle Glen being resoundedly beaten 5-0.  Tom Long and David Taylor led the way by winning 4&3, followed by Jim Dunlop and Graham Pateman winning convincingly 5&4.

Richard Tomkins and Paul Fricker continued to turn the screw with a 4&3 win followed by Alan Draper and Nick Bromell winning decidedly 5&4. Martin Howe and Tom Berry finally won a close fought game on the 18th, winning      2 up.   

Well played to all the team, we must ensure that we don’t become complacent going to Fingle Glen!

 Tuesday 5th June - Match v Bigbury - Graham Cox reports

In good weather and the course in great condition, the match was played in a friendly and convivial atmosphere which continued through to the after match meal. Bigbury brought many of their lower handicap players, perhaps in an effort to revenge their Emerton Court defeat, and, despite the efforts of Alan Draper (Emerton Court) and Tom Pettifor (Salisbury soirée) to diminish the pool of available talent for Crediton, it seems that they missed the “on-form” players. 

All six Crediton Pairs won, achieving a whitewash against Bigbury. (For full details see the Results sheet on the Seniors Calendar link).

Only one member from each Club actually landed and stayed on the green for Nearest the Pin on the 15th, and with only one bottle of wine remaining in the Seniors Cellar (has Devon been having a crafty tipple at his desk?), it was awarded to the Visitor, and John Essery had to make do with an I.O.U.

Note. The “Away”match at Bigbury was postponed due to adverse conditions and we are waiting for their Fixtures Secretary to provide alternative dates.

Monday 4th June, Medal, Cedric Chapple reporting.

Numbers down a bit on the norm but much going on with members visiting Salisbury, friendlies, Les Pope Cup and Emerton Court both on Wednesday, too much for a group of old blokes.

Again a good day for golf, not too much sunshine a bit humid and little wind so nothing to complain about but of course it was a medal. Fifty one entries, twenty seven in division one, twenty four division two.

The results, or in this case the top twelve prize winners, full results on line and on the notice board.

Division one 6th Richard Tomkins 70, 5th Frank Saunders 70, 4th Martin Howe 69, 3rd Alan Draper 68, 2nd Joe Hull 68, 1st Simon Mannell with nett 68.

Division Two 6th Richard Wilson 74, 5th Graham Jones 73, 4th John Hooper 73, 3rd Stan Gibson 72, 2nd John Smale 72, 1st and overall winner, Graham Cox with 67 nett and a cut.

Five twos, Peter Caston, John Essery, Simon Mannell, David Moss and earning some holiday money, John Wigginton.

Great fun trying to type in Simon Mannell, machine kept trying to tell me it was Manuel, no Spanish here matey!

Roll up Friday 1st June 2018, Cedric Chapple reporting. 

Figures better, twenty seven arrivals including a visitor, nine times three groups, everybody happy with full handicaps. Nine early starters headed by three on buggies selected for expediency and the need to share the cost of a club buggy, my decision but perhaps not shared by everybody who prefer the blind draw, never mind we live and learn. 

 Course looking good, weather a bit sticky with intermittent showers but nothing to spoil the day. Greenkeepers working hard to keep the grass short, new water pump fitted for back nine irrigation things getting better by the day. 

 Results mixed with some unexplained low scores perhaps down to the extra run on the fairways and the firming up of the greens, anyway it is perplexing some good golfers.

Live reports from the course, in my group Paul Uphill, guest, missed a tiddler on the fifth and it was a tiddler, nothing said well not then but Mr Essery did manage to mention it after the round was over, several times, obviously good mates.

Secondly, Laurie playing his ball from under a tree on the fifteenth exiting the low branches lifted his head at the wrong time, nasty, a long, cut, graze on his pate, risk assessment I fancy. 

To the results.

4th place, Roger Field, Rick Eidam and Dennis the menace, 76 points.

3rd place, Joe Lawrence, Alan Matthews and Richard Wilson, 78 points.

2nd place, Jim Kenshole, Cyril Dawes and Dave Vowden, 83 points.

1st place, John Essery, Paul Uphill and myself with 84 points, I can pick my partners. 

Great excitement over the winners of the balls with all three teams being present but having the lowest score in a close run finish of 68, 67 and 66 points were the deserved claimants, Bill Dick, Laurie Taylor and Mike Conder. 

And just to please Mike Conder, if there is anyone available to play against Bigbury on Tuesday they would be welcome.

 Thursday 31st May - Friendly v Okehampton Home - Eric Parkes Reports

On rather a dull day, the Home leg of the annual contest against Okehampton was played at home on Thursday 31st May.
The Course was the best I have seen it for some time and in superb condition partly thanks to Andrew Chandlers efforts with the mower recently.
On paper the Okehampton Team contained a number of High Handicap players which meant we would have to concede quite a lot of shots
for each match. I am most pleased to report that Downes Crediton rose to the challenge magnificently with an overwhelming Win of Six matches to Nil.
The entertainment for the day was provided by Match Captain Eric Parkes who managed to take a heavy fall off the bank on the 16th which put him out of action for the rest of the remaining holes. His playing partner, John Cann, held firm for the remaining holes which turned out to be a Win by 2-1 for the home side. Sadly Eric has a badly sprained wrist ands bruised hand plus bruised ribs which will keep him from playing for at least 3 weeks.
We look forward to the return leg when I am sure the Okehampton Team will be looking to gain revenge.
Nearest the Pin      Downes Crediton   Nick Bromell  13; 4"       Okehampton  Stuart Wilson     33 ; 10"

Wednesday 30th May - Roll Up - Bill Dick reports:

 On a cool cloudy day with the odd shower only 5 turned up for the early draw. An impossible number for the roll up so they played their own game.

Only 15 turned up for the second draw but then we had at least 6 pentathletes and there were friendly matches either side of the Wednesday and quite a few guys do not like to play consecutive days.

Just two prizes with the winners being Keith Ham, Tom Pettifer and Cedric Chapple with 82 points. Second with 80 points were Wally Phillips, Nick Bromell and Chris Vercoe.

My pre game favourites were Tom Berry, Brian Williams and Jim Kenshole but what do I know they collected the balls with a score of 65.

They had a very poor back 9 only scoring 28 points with a total blob on hole 14. I perhaps should not have been too surprised having seen Tom look for his tee shot from the 14th in the rough on the railway side of the 16th green. It was Jim's scoring or lack of it that really surprised me having played with him on a few occasions. Still as Joe E Brown said "Nobody's perfect"

Friday 25th May - Roll Up - Cedric Chapple Reports: Summer must now be on it’s way a healthy twenty nine rollers twelve in the early group, seventeen in the second so two groups of four playing off three quarter handicap in the latter group. The weather holding up and shirtsleeve order for almost all. A mixed society teeing off at eleven so a great effort to get everybody away with time to spare.

Course improving by the day and the run on the fairways improving and already rumbles about stopping the ball on the greens. Scores are creeping up and it will be interesting to see how they Improve over the summer. Also good to report a good atmosphere post game with the majority of the late attenders still there to hear the results which were as follows.

In fourth place, John Bundfuss, Ken Galvin and Paul Dorothy with 77 points.

In third place, Cyril Dawes, Chris Vercoe and John Veale with 76 points.

In second place, Roger Field, David Fleming, Paul Willcox and Paul Fricker with 78 points.

Winners, Robin Tooze, Richard Wilson and Alan Matthews with 82 points, Robin Tooze looking on

particularly good form with 34 of his points counting.

With the two lowest scores in the early group and the teams not there to collect the balls went to, Roger Phillips, Ed Copp, Keith Ham and myself, we scored 76 points and claimed the prize on a worst back nine, if that is anything to boast about.

Wednesday 23rd May - Roll Up - Cedric Chapple Reports: Very low turnout for the day with just five early birds and twelve in the later draw. The early birds did there own thing, little choice with five so not sure what format they settled for. So the twelve in the second draw played the normal format two of three scores to count, stableford. So no pick and place on the fairways seemed like the first time for years not months, however the course looking great so definitely no need, with the fairways cut to a nice length. In second place, John Hooper, Dennis Wright and Tom Berry with 74 points. The winners, Paul Fricker, Laurie Taylor and Cyril Dawes with 75 points. The winners of the balls, Chris Vercoe, Roger Phillips and David Fleming with 62 points.

I disqualified my own team, bah, humbug. A little aside, Cyril as competitive as ever and discombobulated about his teams miserly two points on the last was still ruminating in the shower when he realised he still had a sock on. Senior moments are made of this, unless of course he’s joined some sort of club we don’t know about.

Footnote, followed the last few holes of the Emerton Court, great win and very tight at the end, the trees protecting the second green playing a massive part in the result.

 Match Vs Bude Away - Tuesday 22nd May - Jim Enright Reports

Fortunately for 6 of us Steve Gidley collected us from our various homes. Starting at 9am it was 11.30am before we arrived, partly delayed by a road closure. The remaining 4 made their own way, one no show being investigated. The weather was great as was the welcome. The Links course however was most definitely on the side of the Home Team who had learned to keep away from the very long gorse. Even when found only a scythe would get the ball out. Yes I am leading to the fact that we played sort of well but the course did not co-operate!! We lost 5 to 1 but that Away goal may help when Bude come to Crediton.

Well done to Mike Hammond and Paul Dorothy who had a great win 7 & 6 and to Roger Gratton who battled along on his own and led after the first. Nearest the Pin was won by Mike Hammond for Downes and by Ray Ellis for Bude.

A big thankyou to the Team for supporting the longer distance Friendlies.

Monday 21st May, Emerton Court v Exeter (Home) - Alan Draper, Emerton Court Captain reports

 The second leg was played against a much stronger Exeter team who were obviously still smarting from being beaten 3-2 at home. The weather was brilliant, the match was hard fought but played in a good spirit.

It became apparent that Downes Crediton were not to repeat their good win at Exeter despite the Captain encouraging his team not to be complacent. In the end it was only the stand in team of Alan Draper and Jim Dunlop, who played after two withdrawals on Sunday, who won their match, winning 5&4. The pair of Richard Tomkins and Tom Berry won a ½ point as did Colin Parr and Paul Fricker.

This gave a final score of Downes Crediton  5, Exeter G&CC  5 and a playoff resulted with the first pairs playing off against each other. Tom Long (6) and Dave Taylor (13) had been selected to play together with a playoff in mind as DCGC had lost 4 playoffs in the last 5 years in the Emerton Court.

Dave Taylor managed to hole his putt on the 2nd to score a 5 net 4 and win the match for Downes Crediton, very well done Dave, it has broken our run of losing in playoffs! 

May Medal - Monday 21st May -  Eric Parkes Reports

A warm and sunny morning, the May Medal was contested by 23 entries in Division one and 27 in Division two. The Division one numbers were depleted due to a number of players taking part in the return leg of the Emerton Court match against Exeter.

The course looked in superb condition with the competition being played off the Yellow posts.

The morning commenced in rather traumatic terms for one Division two competitor. He had hired one of the course buggy's but his playing partner had not arrived by the time he was due to tee off. I did wonder if he was worried that he would have to fork out for the full hire charge himself. It was noticed that his playing partner arrived at the Club house some 20 minutes after he had departed onto the course. 

As the day progressed so did the temperature and by mid-day there was a touch of " Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noon day Sun" with some competitors finding conditions heavy going.

The Prize Winners were as follows:-

The Winner of Division one was Brian Williams with a score of 68,  2nd Alan Willey 69,  3rd Simon Mannell 70,  4th Brian Kelly 72(bb9),

5th Jim Kenshole 72.

Division two was won by Rick Eidam with a score of 69,  2nd Chris Vercoe 71 (bb9), 3rd Andrew Chandler 71,  4th Peter Dewhurst 73,

5th Alan Mathews 74 (bb9),  6th John Rance 74.

There were just 3 two's,  Simmon Mannell, Peter Russell and Jim Kenshole. 

Thursday 17th May Match v Tiverton (Home) - Alan Draper, Seniors Captain reports

The return fixture nine days after our defeat at Tiverton there were wins for Alan Draper and Nick Bromell, David Lee and Roger Gratton,  Andrew Gilg and Dennis Wright. Nearest the pin on the 15th  and winning the bottle of wine was Roger Gratton. So a 3 - 3 result at home, with an overall loss of 9-3 over the two matches.

Alan Vass, Tiverton Seniors Vice Captain , proposed a toast to the health and future prosperity of Downes Crediton Golf Club.

Match Vs Honiton - Wednesday 16th May - Cedric Chapple Reports: A great day for a game of golf. Following brilliant conditions on Monday for the open we were blessed with another day of sunshine without too much heat.

The Honiton team headed by John Pawley were in the clubhouse early, much earlier in fact than many of our players, perhaps we should post a meeting time. All well with them but not for the home team with Barry Lias on the missing list. Oli phoned Honiton for me with no success and John was not at home possibly a case for inspector Clueso? No matter within minutes the  Honiton  Clubhouse had been on the phone to Devon, Barry had indeed travelled to Honiton and was revving up his Mercedes on the way back to Downes, relegated to the last group I should add. We managed to win the game three and a half to one and a half. Myself and Buffalo Bill managed to overcome John Pawley and Barry Rogers on the sixteenth, they were a bit stressed to be three down after nine but pleased that they were able to get close on the back nine.

Graham Pateman a late replacement and Wally Phillips halved with Steve Butcher and Dave Lee, the former playing off 5.

John Wigginton and Dennis the menace Wright a strong combination overcame John Birch and Sydney Martin, 2 up.

David Lee and Rick Eidam overcame Steve Blundell and Derek Keen 2 and 1 obviously a very close thing.

At the rear Herbie Smith and Barry Lias beat Andy Dawe and Wallace Weaver 5 and 4. There was an offer for the foursome to repair to the bar after the 14th but declined as the visitors were keen to finish their round on their first visit to Downes.

Nearest the pin on 15, Rick Eidam for Downes and John Birch for Honiton.

That is all, Cedric Chapple, captain but only for the day thank goodness.

Seniors Open Monday 14th May: A very successful Seniors Open, blessed with some outstanding weather, I have ordered the same weather for next year! Our thanks must go to Rob and his team for the work they put into the preparation of the course, it looked stunning when looking down from the carpark, especially considering the rain we had in March and the first half of April.
The overall winners were Dave Vowden and Dennis Wright with 44 points. The 1st away team was Ray Shinners and Charles Vane Percey from Lyme Regis with 41 points. The first prize home team was Steve Gidley and Mike Hammond with 43 points.

David Lee was nearest the gin, Brian Ridgeway from Fingle Glen was nearest the pin on the 9th in two, Peter Carr was nearest the pin on the 15th.

Our thanks must go to our Lady ballspotters, all those who put in hours of time to make the day run well, particularly to the Seniors Committee members who helped to organise and put in up to 11hours on the day.
Finally to all those who supported the Open, particularly those from away who we hope to see again next year.

Friday 11th May, Emerton Court V Exeter (Away) - Alan Draper reports

Downes Crediton played Exeter Golf and Country Club in the second round of the Emerton Court, the first leg played at Exeter in rainy conditions.  Downes Crediton achieved an outstanding win 3 – 2.  To do this at Exeter was a mammoth achievement.  Exeter G & CC had four low handicappers in their team but Tom Long and Alan Draper achieved a half match, Quin Payne-Cook and Graham Pateman had a very good win 3 – 2.  Unfortunately Martin Howe and Tom Berry lost their match 1 down.  Colin Parr and Paul Fricker managed to halve their match, but the outstanding result of the day was Nick Bromell and Bill Dick winning their match 5 – 4.

This was a tremendous win away from home, especially remembering that three years ago we were beaten 5 - 0.

But it is important that we don’t become complacent and achieve a very strong home win to promote the idea of Downes Crediton GC being a very strong team to play at home.

Alan Draper, Emerton Court Captain

Friday 11th May - Roll Up - Cedric Chapple reports: Twenty rollers, not too bad suspect some were at the Emerton Court competition supporting except for Cyril who would have been advising. Early group outnumbering the late starters and getting the best of the draw, three groups of three. Course looking better by the day and the greens settling in nicely. Much activity with the boys working hard also of note there were many early starters and others other than mouldy oldies on the course. In third place… Chris Vercoe, Laurence Taylor, Brian Williams and Andrew Chandler with 71 points. In second place John Wigginton, Rob Tooze and Alan Matthews with 73 points. In first place John Bundfuss, Eric Fee and Paul Dorothy with 76 points. Not in last place, with a better back nine and there to receive the balls, Keith Ham. David Fleming, Roger Field and yours truly with a magnificent and well deserved 64, top team.

Wednesday 9th May - Roll Up - Cedric Chapple reports: Where have all the rollers gone? Just twenty one today nine in the early group and twelve in the second, ah well at least no foursomes. Now there was an early committee meeting and some were off for Emerson Court practise but we still seem to be shy of the normal numbers, perhaps people are off on early holidays. So for those missing I’m pleased to report that the course is looking in fine fettle. The greens have still not settled down but are better but beware the filled in trench on the fourteenth, still a little wet and likely to plug your ball. With reference to the course, I met a scratch golfer at American golf who had played on the course last week and he was full of praise, enough said. So the result.

In third place, Dave Fleming, Peter Bryan and Keith Ham with 76 points

In second place, Mike Palmer, George Crabbe and myself with 76 point BB9.

Run away winners, Rob Tooze, Peter Caston and Eric Fee, 82 points, Dope test required.

Last but not least, favoured, John Chater, Laurence Taylor and Andrew Chandler.

Anybody reading this before Monday, if you haven’t entered the open do it, over a hundred on board

Tuesday 8th May Match v Tiverton (Home) - Alan Draper, Seniors Captain reports

Report on the away and home fixtures played against Tiverton Seniors on Tuesday 8th May and Thursday 17th May.

Downes Crediton were soundly beaten in the away fixture, not one pair registering a win. During the meal afterwards, Alan Draper as Seniors Captain proposed a toast to the health and future prosperity of Tiverton Golf Club.

In the return fixture played at Downes Crediton nine days later there were wins for Alan Draper and Nick Bromell, David Lee and Roger Gratton,  Andrew Gilg and Dennis Wright. Nearest the pin on the 15th  and winning the bottle of wine was Roger Gratton.

Alan Vass, Tiverton Seniors Vice Captain, proposed a toast to the health and future prosperity of Downes Crediton Golf Club.

Thursday May 3rd Match v Saunton - Alan Draper, Seniors Captain reports

On  Thursday Downes Crediton Seniors played Saunton Vets at DCGC. Very impressively Saunton had 7 pairs who wanted to play in this fixture which gave more players from Downes Crediton the chance to feature.

The course was playing very tough as many of the pins were still in the same difficult places as they were  for the pros.

Downes Crediton had a very impressive win of 6 1/2 to ½, Sauton seemed to expect such a commanding beating but hopefully still enjoyed it. Now the challenge is to go to Saunton in October and achieve at least 1 point for an overall win !

Roll Up, Wed 2nd May - Bill Dick Reports:

Zebedee having hit (for him) a good tee shot on the 12th hole surveyed his second shot. It needed to go through the gap behind the 4 trees. He hit (for him ) a good one. Feeling rather smug he watched his shot till it stopped rolling.

He then turned to put his club in his bag which was resting on his trolley, but it was not there. He did a 180 degree scan then saw his trolley heading for the woods. However the trolley could not see the woods for the trees as it crashed head first into a tree which brought it to an immediate stop.

In addition to Cedric there were 20 other players. 21 players means 3 prizes, Numbers down because it was an unusually cold and windy day

3rd with 67 points Robin Tooze, Graham Cox and Joe Lawrence.

2nd also with 67 points but with a better countback were Dennis Wright, Cyril Dawes and Paul Willcocks.

The winners with 73 points were Dave Jordan, Laurie Taylor and Keith Ham.

The balls went to Nigel Evans, John Essery and the kid from Caledonia. The sensors have blocked their score.

Monday 30th April - Niblick Competition - Cedric Chapple Reports:                                                                                                                           A good day for weather, much better than that forecast by all the media feeds. A bit parky for the early birds but getting much warmer as the day progressed. The course still a little difficult as shown in the results,  the greens still being on the bumpy side and difficult to read. The greenkeepers are working hard after a particularly hard winter so a little patience, give it a fortnight and there should be a great improvement.

 A field of 67 started the day a little down on normal but perhaps a result of the poor weather. We are back on the full course and scores are being affected with twelve and thirteen coming into the equation, certainly for me the big pines on the twelfth are *!*!*!*!!!!!.  Speaking of this hole one Andrew Gilg, Hon Sec was on the fringe of the green in three, joy!! score on the hole nil points oops! Also of note in my group Keith Ham on the third a lip out for a two, it looked as if it had to drop,  cost him a few bob, namely £16.75.

The results…….

Division 2

Chris Vercoe 31

Graham Cox  32

Brian Johnston 32

Robin Tooze 32

Rick Eidam 32

Eric Mundy 33

John Smale 34                    

                                                   Just one 2 recorded, Frank Sanders winning £33.50

Division 1

Frank Sanders 32

Cyril Dawes 33

Wally Phillips 33

Dennis Wright 33

Mike Hammond 33

Graham Pateman 34

Colin Baker 34

Peter Caston 35

Well done  Peter nearly played to Par, difficulty of the course can be seen by the better back nine separation of the winners.

Don’t forget to sign up for the open on 14th May, Pro shop will enter you on line if you have problems. Also looking for players, Bude and Ilfracombe away

 Friday 27th April Emerton Court Match v Bigbury - Alan Draper reports:

On Friday 27th April we played the second leg of our Emerton Court match against Bigbury at home. It rained all morning and for most of the match until 4.00pm in the afternoon, but the course stood up to it very well with only a few of the bunkers holding water.
The course played very tough as it had been set up for the professionals the day before, with many of the pins in difficult positions. Downes Crediton golfers produced an outstanding result winning 4.5 to 0.5, with an overall score of 8.5 to Downes Crediton and 1.5 to Bigbury.
The team was ably led home by Tom Long and Dave Taylor winning 4 & 3, following by Quin Payne-Cook and Graham Pateman winning by 5 & 4. Martin Howe and Tom Berry won 3 up and Colin Parr and John Dean won 1 up. The last pair of Paul Fricker and Mike Charnock finished their match all square. Well played to them all for such an emphatic win!